Preventing Wildfire Damage to Your Home

If you live in an area where drought conditions can lead to an outbreak of wildfires, it's essential that you are prepared to protect your home from a wildfire in the future. Although you might not be able to do much about stopping a wildfire from occurring, you can take some simple steps to help ensure that your home doesn't sustain any damage should a fire threaten your immediate area.

Here are three things you should do today to help protect your home from wildfires in the future.

1. Invest in fire-resistant storage containers.

If you plan to use a wood-burning stove or fireplace throughout the winter months, then you likely want to amass a supply of firewood to fuel these architectural features. A wood pile can present a unique hazard if you live in an area prone to wildfires since it can serve as a ready source of fuel for flames looking to damage your home.

If you plan to keep a stockpile of wood on your property, invest in some fire-resistant storage containers. These containers can resist the flames of a wildfire and keep your lumber safe for burning in the future.

2. Swap out your existing roofing.

Many homes sustain fire damage during a wildfire because glowing embers drift onto the roof of these homes. If you want to provide maximum protection for your home, you need to ensure that its roof is equipped to withstand flames in the future.

Swapping out your existing wood or shake shingles for fire-resistant roofing materials like metal can be a simple and effective way to protect your home against wildfire damage.

3. Use landscaping to your advantage.

When you want to keep the flames of a wildfire at bay, you should consider the design of your home's landscaping. The right type of landscaping can serve as a valuable ally when it comes to fighting off flames.

Since fire travels from plant to plant along the ground, you should increase the distance between your shrubs to prevent the spread of wildfire near your home. You can also remove the branches of trees up to 15 feet from the ground to eliminate the possibility of having fire climb up your trees like a ladder.

Preventing damage to your home during a wildfire is a goal that can be achieved through proper preparation. Take the time to invest in fire-resistant storage containers, swap out your roofing materials, and alter your home's landscaping today to prevent wildfire damage in the future.

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